The Magic of Whipped Feta

We believe that condiments are the secret to elevating dishes and we have a few go-to’s that we often use in our menus. One of them being the super simple and versatile whipped feta.

It’s creamy, tangy and salty making it the perfect companion for an array of dishes, from veggies to meats and beyond.

1. Spread over the base of a plate

We often spread it over the base of a plate and top with grilled or roasted vegetables and even meats. 

Not only does the creamy richness of whipped feta complement the toppings, but it’s also a great way to present food. Have a play with topping it with roasted nuts or seeds, herbs, and pickled onions for a show-stopping (and easy) dish.

2. As a creamy salad dressing

You can add some lemon juice to thin it out and it turns into a beautiful creamy dressing like we’ve used in this Peri Peri Chicken Salad and this Roasted Pumpkin Salad with a Chorizo, Walnut Crumb and Whipped Feta Dressing

3. As a tasty spread

It’s also delicious served in wraps, pita bread, sandwiches or spread over a thick slice of sourdough with avocado and eggs for a tasty Sunday brunch. 


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