How It Works


We take the stress out of meal planning, so you can enjoy delicious and sustainable cooking.


Log in to the membership hub and get access to:​

Log in to the membership hub and get access to:​

Starting at only $3.80/pw

10% of your weekly membership fee is donated to Fair Food, an Auckland-based food rescue charity.


Download the shopping list

Download the shopping list

Our waste-free shopping list is thoughtfully crafted to ensure you buy only what you need. It typically costs between $120-130, that’s under $10.00 per serve. *price will vary depending on how and where you shop.

The shopping list is interactive, allowing you to add and tick off items as you shop.


Enjoy our recipes your way

Enjoy our recipes your way

We know one size doesn’t fit all so we provide variations for every recipe so you can make swaps based on your personal taste and dietary requirements.

What's Inside

What else you'll find on the membership

Meal Prep Guide: to streamline the cooking process, our meal plans include a meal prep guide. It provides tips and instructions for prepping ingredients ahead of time, making weeknight cooking a breeze!

Exclusive Blog Content: as an Assortment member, you’ll have access to exclusive blog content, filled with cooking tips, product reviews, breakfast, snack and lunch recipes, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the membership work?

As a member of Assortment, you’ll have access to our exclusive online platform. Simply log in to your account, and you’ll find our weekly menu, shopping list, and meal prep guide. Every Saturday, the next menu becomes available, allowing you to shop and prep for the upcoming week. You’ll also have access to the recipe archive and exclusive blog content, providing additional inspiration, tips, and insights.

What does a weekly menu look like?

Our weekly menus feature four nutritionist-approved recipes made with seasonal wholefood ingredients. These recipes draw inspiration from cuisines around the world, ensuring a diverse and delicious menu for you to enjoy.

Why shop for yourself?

Control over how much or little you buy based on your dietary requirements.  Choose the source of where you produce comes from – free-range, organic, house brand etc. Shop the brands you love and where you want. Ability to avoid foods which you may be intolerant to. If there is an ingredient on the shopping list which you cannot get or you dislike, contact us and we will give you a variation.

Is Assortment suitable for all dietary preferences?

While we don’t cater to specific dietary requirements, we do provide vegetarian options and ingredient variations for every recipe which can be found at the bottom of every recipe.