Hello Welcome to Assortment

A Home for everyday cooks

Our Story

We’re Nikki and Laura, the duo behind Assortment.

Clocking up 20 years of friendship, we’ve always shared a love for food, health and wellness, and unashamedly orient our days around our meals.

It wasn’t until Auckland’s first lockdown that the concept of Assortment began to take shape. It started as a labour of love, curating thoughtful meal plans and shopping lists for friends and family, ensuring produce was used efficiently and supermarket trips were minimised. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, making it clear that conventional food box options didn’t cater to everyone’s unique needs, preferences, and desire to tread lighter on the planet.

And so, Assortment was born—a platform that offers a sustainable alternative to food delivery services while also alleviating the pressures of meal planning and cooking.

Our Mission


With many of us looking for ways to tread lighter on the planet, we’re excited to help bring sustainability into your kitchen through our weekly menus, maximising the use of ingredients, to help you reduce waste and save money.

Our commitment extends beyond the kitchen, with 10% of every membership fee being donated to Fair Food, an Auckland-based food rescue charity, collecting surplus food from retailers and manufacturers and re-distributing this food to people in need across Auckland.


One size doesn’t fit all, that’s why our recipes are designed with adaptability in mind. They can easily align with your dietary preferences, lifestyle, and budget. With Assortment, you have the freedom to choose ingredients, support local farmers markets, and shop your favourite brands.


Everyone has to cook so why not enjoy the process! Through our fast paced lifestyle, cooking has become demonised. The quicker the better, the more prepared the better, the less time in the kitchen the better. Our mission is to help shift this mindset by offering more than just recipes – teaching you new skills to give you confidence in the kitchen.