How To Build The Ultimate Smoothie!

Smoothies have become a staple in the world of health and wellness, offering a convenient and delicious way to fuel your body! When made well they can be a great way to start the day but unfortunately, they can often be full of excess sugar and little other nutrients leaving you to start your day on a blood sugar rollercoaster. 

We like to follow this formula to make sure your smoothie not only tastes delicious but is also packed with protein, fibre, healthy fats and even vegetables. 

Smoothie Formula:

Simply pick an option or two from each category, add to your blender along with a handful of ice and blend until smooth and creamy! 

Protein is your secret weapon to staying satisfied throughout the day. It not only aids in building strong muscles but also helps curb midday sugar cravings.


  • Protein powder – look for a protein powder that is minimally processed with as little ingredients as possible (1 serving, approx. 2 Tbsp or 30g)
  • Hemp seeds or hemp protein powder (2 Tbsp or 30g)
  • Collagen (1 serving)
  • Greek yoghurt (2-3 Tbsp)

Fibre adds bulk, keeping you full for longer. It also slows down carbohydrate digestion and sugar absorption which means a slower glucose spike. 


  • Chia seeds or flaxseeds (1 Tbsp) 
  • Psyllium husk (1 Tbsp) 
  • Rolled oats (2 Tbsp)

Healthy fats contribute to a feeling of fullness and can help reduce insulin resistance.


  • Nut butter (almond, peanut, cashew or even tahini) (1 Tbsp) 
  • Whole nuts and seeds (2 Tbsp) 
  • Coconut oil (1-2 tsp) 
  • Avocado (¼)

Smoothies provide an excellent opportunity to sneak in extra vegetable goodness, adding vitamins, minerals and some extra fibre.


  • Spinach, kale or other leafy greens (handful) 
  • Frozen zucchini (½) 
  • Frozen cauliflower (small handful) 
  • Cucumber (⅓)

Fruit adds natural sweetness and brings a burst of antioxidants. However, moderation is key to avoid spiking blood sugar levels. We recommend adding one serve or less of fruit to your smoothie (you can combine half serves of an option eg, ½ cup berries and ½ banana).


  • Frozen berries (1 cup)
  • Frozen banana (1 small banana) 
  • Frozen mango (½ cup)
  • Kiwifruit (1)

Superfoods like cacao powder, spirulina, or acai berries not only introduce delicious flavours but also provide an extra nutrient boost.


  • Cacao powder for a chocolatey kick
  • Spirulina for added protein and antioxidants
  • Maca powder 
  • Ashwagandha

If you’re wanting a thick smoothie or smoothie bowl, only add enough liquid to get the smoothie to blend (start with ¼ cup), otherwise add about a cup of liquid for a regular smoothie. 


  • Nut milk of choice
  • Coconut milk
  • Regular milk 
  • Water

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