Sausages 101 – what to look for in good quality sausages

Sausages tend to get a bad reputation as they are often loaded with additives, preservatives and factory-farmed meat but when you know what to look for there are lots of delicious, healthy options out there.


  • Minimal ingredients as possible 
  • > 80% meat 
  • Natural casing
  • Free-range or grass-fed options


  • Preservatives
  • Colourings
  • Natural or artificial flavours
  • Nitrates (sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite)
  • Factory-farmed meat

Some of our go-to brands are: 

  • Lauthentique 
  • Franks  
  • Woodys 
  • Bostocks
  • Your local butcher or farmers market probably has some great additive-free options and these are usually the tastiest too! 


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