Why We Choose Glass Over Plastic for Meal Prep and Food Storage

We’re all leading busy lives and meal prepping is one of our favourite tools to save money, and time and eat well! The choice of storage when meal prepping and storing food is important and we’re always opting for glass options over plastic.

Here’s Why

  • Plastic containers can potentially leach harmful chemicals into your food, particularly when exposed to heat. Glass, however, won’t react with your meals, ensuring they stay free from these nasty chemicals.
  • Glass is endlessly recyclable without any loss in quality. Choosing glass over plastic is a sustainable choice, reducing your carbon footprint!
  • Glass containers are built to last. They are resistant to staining, scratching, and warping. Unlike plastic, which may lose its shape or deteriorate over time, glass remains a steadfast companion in your meal-prepping journey, saving you money in the long run.

Briscoes and Kmart have a great range of affordable glass containers and you can also find great options at op shops. We also like to reuse large glass jars from peanut butter or coconut yoghurt – these are great for storing pantry staples, freezing stock or soup or even taking smoothies or salads on the go. 


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