You Eat With Your Eyes – How To Impress Your Guests!

Hosting friends or family this festive season and wanting to impress them with a beautiful spread? Here are our top tips!

Picking your plates and bowls

Start by presenting your dish on a spacious platter or bowl, leaving negative space to avoid overcrowding. We prefer to use shallow salad bowls for even ingredient distribution, preventing the best bits—like crunchy almonds or creamy feta—from sinking to the bottom. This also makes it look pretty as you can see all of the different colours and textures in the dish.

  1. This is our go-to black rice salad in the limited edition Modeletto x Assortment salad bowl. It is the perfect depth for salads.
  2. The Italian grilled steak shows how negative space frames the meal perfectly.

Fresh herbs

Garnishing with fresh herbs not only adds a tone of flavour but also adds a burst of colour and visual interest. Herbs are also your best friend when dishes are looking a little dark as they brighten the dish. All three images below showcase how the dishes are bought to life with the herbs.

Textures and colours that pop

Nuts, seeds, or blends like dukkah provide texture and depth to the dish. Some of our  favourite garnishes are vibrant in pink and red tones like pickled onions, pomegranate seeds, or fresh chilli.

Middle-Eastern Inspired Spiced Rice with bright pickled onion and a sprinkle of almonds
Pickled onions bring a playful pop of pink to these Mexican-Inspired bowls
Thai Red Curry Pork Meatballs – topped with bright chilli

Sauces for visual interest

Sauces aren’t just for flavour; they’re a visual enhancement! Layering roast veggies over a bed of hummus or drizzling yoghurt-tahini sauce over salads creates a visual contrast. 

  1. This Crispy Butter Beans and Carrots with Brown Rice Salad is placed on a bed of Yoghurt Tahini Sauce. The contrasting white sauce beautifully complements the darker plate.
  2. Adding dimension to this Curry Spiced Cauliflower Salad, dollops of yoghurt are placed on top.

Bringing it altogether

This simple whole roasted cauliflower is brought to life both visually and in taste. Presented on a large plate with negative space, it’s garnished with fresh coriander, pickled onion, and a sprinkle of black sesame seeds. Served on a bed of yogurt tahini sauce.


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