In the Kitchen with Sakura Matches

She’s beauty and brains - model and project manager, Sakura shares her food philosophy, her easy go-to dinner, death row meal and more.

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Sakura! I like to dip my toes into a few different things to keep life fun and interesting. I was modelling until end of last year when I was offered a job doing project management a few days a week, I’ve now been doing this for a year alongside modelling and I love the variety. Recently I also helped my dad open a new restaurant in Herne Bay called Squisito (@squisito_trattoria if you want to check it out),  it’s been a crazy busy and very rewarding last few months doing a handful of things!

What’s your food philosophy?

Food is to fuel the body and feed the senses. And is always better shared around a big table! I have always grown up with amazing food as my dad is a chef and my parents have run restaurants together so it’s always been a big part of my life. Growing up, dinner was a time to sit around the table and catch up on the day, a way to bring people together and try new dishes. My dad used to tell me to always try something before making my mind up, even if something looked unusual. I now absolutely love trying new meals and different cuisines, I have fun going to restaurants and ordering something I wouldn’t usually order just to try it.

What’s your go-to easy mid-week meal.

Season dependent, in the winter I pull up an assortment curry based on what veggies I have in the fridge. Nikki taught me to base my curry on the colour of the veg, e.g. make a green curry if you have green veg or a yellow curry with yellow/orange veg. Otherwise in the warmer months it would be pan fried white fish or chicken served with rice/potatoes and a fresh green herby salad. Or another go-to would be making tacos – I seem to have left overs which is the best when I have a busy week. In saying this, lately I’ve been making a super quick and easy delicious prawn pasta when I don’t have much time or food in my pantry. (Find her recipe here)

What’s always in your pantry or fridge?

Clean Coconut/Almond milk, miso paste, rice, Wild Delicious fennel and Juniper berry sauerkraut, vogels very thin, peppermint tea and coffee.

What fills up your cup?

Time in nature with friends, whether that be a walk/swim/weekend away, quality time with my family over a meal, a sweaty gym class and also a yoga class at Sala with a friend or my boyfriend.

Death row meal – starter, main and dessert

Raw fish like ceviche, crudo or sashimi to start, scampi pasta from Amano as a main, baked and stuffed nectarines with cream for dessert.

Most hated food?

I can’t stomach lamb these days, cruel to be ending a lambs life so short.

Where does assortment help you out the most?

I love heading to assortment when I am hosting people or am taking a dish somewhere. I know the dishes are all delicious and packed full of nutrients. When I’ve had people come over for dinner I always get asked for the recipe, even from my dad (who usually offers constructive criticism) which is a win!

  • Cook or clean – Cook
  • Tea or coffee – If I took better care of myself I would say tea especially matcha or chai but unfortunately I need coffee!
  • Sweet or savoury – Savoury
  • Dine-in or takeaway – Dine-in always, I like being around people and I love good service
  • Wine or cocktails – Cocktails
  • Breakfast or dinner – Dinner hands down favourite meal of the day
  • Salad or fries – Mmm salads have so much variety plus it makes you feel good! Fries are plain and make you feel average, unpopular opinion but I don’t get it.
  • Burger or pasta – Pasta pasta pasta…although if you asked me 5 years ago I didn’t like either. What a weirdo.
  • Crunchy peanut butter or smooth – Crunchy

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