The Benefits of Flexible Meal Planning

By Harriet Well qualified Nutritionist (BSc)

In the fast-paced world we live in, meal planning is an effective tool that can be used to help save time, money and maintain a healthy and tasty lifestyle. However, the traditional approach of following rigid meal plans can often lead to stress, frustration, and an unhealthy relationship with food. That’s where flexible meal planning comes in, a dynamic tool offering a sustainable and stress-free way to organise our meals, nourish our bodies, and promote overall well-being

Effective flexible meal planning could look something like this; planning 2-3 different breakfast options, choosing a few different snacks, 3-4 lunch options and 4-5 dinner choices for the week, providing flexibility to mix and match based on daily needs and preferences. This approach ensures you have everything you need to eat well throughout the week while accommodating changes in plans and social events that are also an important part of a healthy happy life. 

Less restriction, more freedom

Unlike strict meal plans that dictate every bite you take, and often leave you feeling like you have failed if you didn’t follow it perfectly. Flexible meal planning empowers you to enjoy a diverse range of foods without feeling restricted or deprived. It allows for mixing and matching meals and snacks based on daily appetite and activities, recognising that tastes and cravings can vary from day to day. We can’t expect to want or feel like the same thing day in and day out or know a week in advance what you might want to eat. 


Life is unpredictable and flexible meal planning can still help support you to eat well on days that don’t go to plan, but also allows you to adjust your meals based on changing schedules, preferences, or unexpected events. So, you don’t have to miss that dinner date with a great friend just because it’s not in your meal plan.

Reduced stress

Flexible meal planning takes the pressure off, allowing you to savour your meals without constantly worrying about “breaking the rules.” Planning your meals for the week should enhance your life by simplifying meal preparation, making it tastier and more time-effective, rather than something that adds more stress or worry to your life.

Empowerment through mindful eating

Flexible meal planning enables you to tune into your body’s hunger cues and make informed choices about what to eat. So you can say goodbye to external rules and hello to listening to your body’s needs. Don’t feel like a stir-fry tonight and prefer the pasta you bought ingredients for, do that!

Sustainability for long-term success

While strict meal plans may offer short-term results, flexible meal planning is all about sustainability. By embracing flexibility and freedom in your food choices, you’ll be more likely to maintain your healthy eating habits in the long-term and learn to eat and plan in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.


When it comes to eating well, variety is your best friend. The greater variety of vegetables, fruits, grains, spices, herbs and more you can get into your week the better. You can say goodbye to bland and boring meals and embrace being creative in the kitchen with Assortments 400+ delicious and nutritionist approved recipes. Flexible meal planning opens the door to a world of possibilities, allowing you to experiment with new recipes, flavours and cuisines and substitute ingredients to keep mealtime exciting and satisfying.

Taking control of your plate

With flexible meal planning, you’re in the driver’s seat of your eating. No more following someone else’s rules – instead, you have the power to tailor your meals to suit your tastes, preferences, and lifestyle. This is the key to maintaining a healthy and enjoyable approach to food that you enjoy.

About Harriet

Hi, I’m Harriet. A qualified Nutritionist (BSc), recipe developer and foodie. I believe in the power of nutrition to make you feel incredible, and the pure joy of eating. I specialise in helping individuals build a healthy and positive relationship with food and their bodies. My number one tip when it comes to your health and nutrition is to focus on addition and what you can to your life and diet rather than what you think you need to or think you “should be” cutting out.

If you would love to connect or learn more about what I do, you can find me on instagram @harriet_well or via my website

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