The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Foodie

We’ve put together the ultimate Christmas gift guide for the people in your life that love spending time in the kitchen - from practical essentials we swear by to something a little fun!

1. Cast Iron Sautépan

A cast Iron Sautépan is one of our most used items in our kitchens! It’s perfect for curries, stews and pasta dishes plus it’s oven proof so it’s great for cooking one-pot dishes like our Vegetarian Eggplant Free-Form Lasagne or our Chicken Cacciatore.

Le Creuset offer a variety of sizes and fun colours  – they look great just sitting on the stove top! It is however on the pricey side but thankfully La Cuisine also has a great version and is a little more affordable.

2. Tea Towels

This may sound a little like getting someone socks but a beautiful tea towel is not only practical but can also add a pop of colour to a kitchen.

There are some really beautiful ones from Everyday needs and Father Rabbit

3. Food + Pantry

Treat someone with some special condiments or items that you know they would love!

  • Head down to your local farmers market to find new yummy chutneys or dressings.
  • Good quality new Zealand extra virgin olive oil – Matakana Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Manuka honey – Mangawhai Honey, who also do some great little gift boxes.
  • Hot sauce, Apostle Hot Sauce Gift Set not only is this a tasty little set but it’s also free from artificial colours, preservatives, flavours or thickeners.

4. Ceramics

How a meal is platted, can make such a difference to the taste of the dish, I mean we do eat with our eyes first. So, any foodie will be so grateful for a big beautiful ceramic bowl, plate or platter to either start their collection or to add to it (you can never have too many).

Some of our favourites are Modeletto, Tony Sly Pottery, French Country Collections and Citta. We also often find really great ceramics at op shops and charity shops – you’d be surprised at what treasures you can find!

5. Assortment Membership Gift Card

An assortment membership is a perfect gift for the foodies in your life or for someone that you know is lacking inspiration in the kitchen. As with all of our memberships 10% is donated to our friends at Fair Food, an Auckland-based food rescue charity.

6. Serving Utensils

There is nothing better than serving up a salad or dish with beautiful serve ware!

You’ll find some at BLOC (who homes, Citta, Father Rabbit and A&C – so youll be spoilt for choice) or Flotsam & Jetsam who sell both new and vintage “bits and bobs.”

7. Garlic Crusher

This garlic crusher might be one of the best kitchen tools we’ve found! It crushes unpeeled garlic, scrapes itself clean and even ejects the peel – so you can keep your hands garlic free!

8. Wine Pack or Subscription

This one is for the wine lovers out there… we love Natural liquor, making organic and natural drinks accessible to everyone. They do perfect little gift packs and wine subscriptions!

9. Chopping Boards

Good quality chopping boards look beautiful in the kitchen and will last a lifetime. Citta and Alex and Corban both have a great range of chopping boards.

10. Good Quality Knives

You may have heard the saying, a good cook never blames their tools … but when it comes to knives, a bad one really can lead you astray (quite literally). Having some good quality sharp knives on hand makes cooking so much easier, and more efficient and is actually safer as they are more precise.

This little set of Opinel Knives from Father Rabbit would make a great gift and if you’re looking for a really good quality big knife we can’t go past Global knives.

11. Cooler Bags

Who doesn’t like a cold drink in the sun or some fresh snacks to keep the hangries at bay. An insuilated chilli bag is the perfect summer time gift! We love baggus and their sustainability ethos, using recycled materials to make these cute little insulated chilli bags.

12. Restaurant Voucher

Sometimes the kitchen lover wants some time out of the kitchen to get some fresh inspiration from the pros! Some of our favoruite spots to wine and dine in Auckland are Beau Bar, Amano, Ada, Lilian, and Pici.

12. Kitchen Swaps for the Sustainable Cook

We love everything that Caliwoods has to offer, from silicone baking sheets to scrubbing brushes and reusable straws!

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