Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Foodie

We’ve put together a gift guide for the people in your life who love spending time in the kitchen – from practical essentials we swear by to something a little fun!

These homemade gifts are incredibly easy to assemble, making them perfect for the kiddies to create and even put their unique spin on the recipe.

Quality cookware is both a luxury and a good investment. They last a lifetime and offer a healthier cooking alternative compared to non-stick pans. One of our kitchen essentials is the cast iron sauté pan! It’s incredibly versatile and ideal for curries, stews, and pasta dishes. Being ovenproof, it excels in preparing one-pot wonders like our Vegetarian Eggplant Free-Form Lasagne or our Chicken Cacciatore. Le Creuset offer a variety of sizes and fun colours  – they look great just sitting on the stove top! It is however on the pricey side but thankfully La Cuisine also has a great version and is a little more affordable.

Cast iron sautépan by Le Creuset
Cast iron fry pan Ironcladpan
Cast iron roasting dish by Kitco
Enamelware roasting tray by Flacon
Stainless steel frypan by Scanpan
Lasagna dish by Le Creuset

Knives: You may have heard the saying, a good cook never blames their tools … but when it comes to knives, a bad one really can lead you astray (quite literally). Having some good quality sharp knives on hand makes cooking so much easier, and more efficient and is safer as they are more precise. A little set of Opinel Knives would make a great gift and if you’re looking for a really good quality big knife we can’t go past by Global knives. 

Chopping boards: good quality chopping boards look beautiful in the kitchen and will last a lifetime. Citta have a great range of chopping boards.

Ceramic bowls: how a meal is platted, can make such a difference to the taste of the dish, I mean we do eat with our eyes first. So, any foodie will be so grateful for a big beautiful ceramic bowl, plate or platter to either start their collection or to add to it (you can never have too many). Some of our favourites are the limited edition Modeletto salad bowl, the halo serving bowl by Citta , Tony Sly Pottery, and French Country Collections. We also often find really great ceramics at op shops and charity shops – you’d be surprised at what treasures you can find!

Cook’s Knife 20cm by Global knives
Mini salt pepper grinders by Menu
Round Chopping Board by Citta
Blip spoon rest by Alessi
Garlic press by Garject Lite
Halo Serving Bowl by Citta

Getting someone a tea towel or an apron may sound a little like getting someone socks but a beautiful tea towel is not only practical but can also add a pop of colour to a kitchen.

Check french tea towel by Flotsam & Jetsam
Cotton apron by Citta
Tablecloth by Ikat weave

We’re all striving to make eco-conscious choices, and it’s wonderful to invest in products that contribute to this cause. Whether it’s reusable drink bottles or straws, gardening books for sustainable practices, or eco-friendly cleaning tools. Caliwoods and The Natural Co offer a range of sustainable swaps that not only benefit the planet but also look good in your kitchen.

Market Basket by The Natural Co
Knitted Cloths by Caliwoods
Water bottle by Stanley
Stainless steel lunch box by The Natural Co

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Your Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide for the Foodie

We’ve put together a gift guide for the people in your life who love spending time in the kitchen - from practical essentials we swear by to something a little fun!